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13B Women electric skateboard & longboard

13B Women electric skateboard & longboard

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Adjustable speed
Features three speed options, ranging from a stable 9.3mph to a thrilling 24.9mph. An additional burst mode is available for craving an extra surge of power
Spacious standing area and ambient light
With its generous 38*10.6-inch deck size, riders can enjoy a spacious and stable platform.  Ambient Light make nighttime rides incredibly stylish.
safe lithium battery
Enjoy an extended ride with an impressive range of 11-15.5 miles, allowing you to cover more ground and embark on thrilling adventures without the concern of battery depletion.

  • Motor: dual motors
  • Max speed: first setting:9.3mph / second setting:15.5mph / third setting: 24.9mph / fourth setting: more explosive but still 24.9mph
  • Max range: 11-15.5miles
  • Max weight: 264.5lbs
  • Charge time:2.5-3.5 hours
  • Uphill:20°
  • Waterproof rating: IP54
  • Net weight: 17.2lbs
  • product size: 38.2*10.6*4.9inches
The speed and range of this model are based on the test results of a 154lbs rider on a flat road, thus the actual speed and range will vary slightly due to road conditions and rider’s weight.

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