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Who are we?

Who are we?
We are not familiar to consumers. You may ride an electric skateboard every day but never heard Deoboards (if you happen to know us, we are incredibly surprised and grateful). We have never promoted our brand because since our establishment in 2015, we have been focused on providing OEM and ODM services to wholesalers and retailers, meaning that the electric skateboards we produce are branded with our customers' logos, not Deoboards. We are on the frontlines of production, behind the scenes for consumers.

Now, with great enthusiasm, we announce that we are stepping forward to you-consumers! We are entering the retail market. Our team has 9 years of experience and professional knowledge, and has carefully produced a series of electric skateboards, giving priority to safety, comfort, and stability . Our goal is to make you commute safely and have fun.

We promise to provide excellent customer service and warranty policy to ensure that you can use electric skateboards without worry.

We are very happy to stand in front of consumers and start this brand-new retail journey.