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GTS-01 2 in 1 street and off road wheels electric skateboard

GTS-01 2 in 1 street and off road wheels electric skateboard

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This perfect companion is made for riders who crave both urban speed and off-road adventures – the all-new Off-Road Hybrid Electric Skateboard! 

Equipped with both PU wheels and all-terrain wheels, you have the flexibility to choose the appropriate wheel type based on your road conditions, This adaptability is one of the key reasons for its immense popularity among riders.

The deck of the board features an added layer of bamboo, providing exceptional elasticity and reducing vibrations. Experience a smooth and comfortable ride, as the bamboo layer absorbs shocks and minimizes the impact of uneven terrains. Additionally, the wheels are airless, eliminating the need for inflation and preventing the risk of punctures. Ride worry-free and focus on enjoying your journey.

It is the ultimate choice for riders seeking a versatile and thrilling ride. With its interchangeable wheels, bamboo-enhanced deck for reduced vibrations, and hassle-free airless tires, it offers an unmatched riding experience. Get ready to explore the city and conquer the off-road trails like never before with this remarkable skateboard.

  • Ages: adults
  • Motor: belt drive
  • Max speed: street wheels & off road wheels: first setting:9.3mph / second setting:, 15.5mph / third setting: 24.9mph / fourth setting: more explosive but still 24.9mph
  • Max range: street wheels:18.6-21.8miles off road wheels:12.4-15.5miles
  • Max weight: 264.5lbs
  • Charge time:5-6 hours
  • Uphill:25-35°°
  • Waterproof rating: IP54
  • Net weight: 21.8lbs
  • product size: 42*12*6inches
The speed and range of this model are based on the test results of a 154lbs rider on a flat road, thus the actual speed and range will vary slightly due to road conditions and rider’s weight.
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